Jaedern Medorp

jaedern medorp

John Henry Chiminamate also popularly known Jaedern Medorp was born in 1998 on the 18th of October at gorge clinic in Lusaka, Zambia.He started doing hip hop music in 2010. He is also a professional song writer and a music director.

Jaedern Medorp has done a lot of songs and has a lot of features locally.
He is looking forward to greater heights as he is working 24/7 to make it in he music industry.He has worked with artists like Doxer, Nyex, Miltoner and so much more.
Looking forward to great days..He don’t live his life to impress others, he his always social and welcoming. He is signed under a record label called TOXIC MUSIC PRODUCTION.
He does old school hip pop and he has got a very unique voice and style. He is slowly taking the music industry by storm.

So focused and determined to make a difference in the industry. He has been tried and tested but still proved to be standing firm and strong. There is no rapper or any hip pop artist that sounds like him.
His uniqueness has brought a lot of attention to the public. He is known for being humble and hard working……